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Family Law

Minnesota Families United requires a thorough intake process; including the gathering of information to access safety risks and needs. The intake interview typically takes an hour and includes an overview of all MFU policies. All family law visits must be paid for in full one week before they are scheduled to occur.

Minnesota Families United offers Monitored and Separate exchange services based on family needs to ensure the safety of all parties. Monitored exchanges refer to the transfer of the child/ren from one parent to another parent monitored by a Minnesota Families United employee. Separate exchange is used in high-conflict cases, where a Minnesota Families United employee will retrieve the child/ren from one party before leaving the premises. A Minnesota Families United employee will supervise the child for approximately fifteen minutes before allowing the other party to arrive. The goal of separate exchange is to ensure Minnesota Families United is providing safety for all parties while recognizing the potential of retaliation and recanting of traumatic experiences.

Supervised Visitation allows for the non-custodial parent(s) to visit with their child/ren in a safe and healthy environment with the presence of a trained Supervised Visitation Monitor. The Supervised Visitation Monitor will act as a neutral third-party to ensure the safety of the child and visiting parent. The Supervised Visitation Monitor will document interactions between the child/ren and the parent and will provide suggestions and guidance when warranted

Minnesota Families United follows the standards set forth in Minnesota Statute 518.175, including all Subdivisions. All employees of Minnesota Families United are required to act as Mandated Reporters set forth by Minnesota Statute 626.556. Minnesota Families United will assess all flight risks including the possibility of abduction by preparing documents prior to the visitation, including but not limited to documentation of the identification of all individuals, documentation of the make, model, and year of the visiting parent’s vehicle, and by thoroughly analyzing all court documents related to the case; including divorce, custody, protective orders, allegations of abuse or substantiated abuse, incidents relating to domestic violence, and a report of the child/ren’s health. Minnesota Families United works to provide trauma-informed care for all parties.

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