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What We Believe  

We believe that equity requires a commitment to social justice. MFU believes in restorative justice practices and dismantling White privilege. Our team is committed to broadening our understanding of systemic racism and oppressive systems. We have built a diverse team that has a variety of lived experiences, specializations, and language proficiencies. We are proud to reflect the communities we serve and work to challenge implicit biases through education and introspection.  

What We Are Doing   

We support trauma-informed practices that operate from a place of understanding for the background and histories of our families. Trauma is often multi-generational and begins in childhood. MFU offers parent education that supports the parent where they are. Parent education is tailored to be inclusive and best serves a family’s goals. We offer specialized curriculum for the challenges families face, including an understanding of adverse childhood experiences and resiliency building. Traumatic experiences often break children’s trust in others. Along with providing a predictable and safe environment, trauma-informed parents can rebuild using trust–based discipline. When a relationship experiences a breach in trust, trauma-informed parents will prioritize making amends to repair the relationship. These skills are not innate and may not have been modeled in childhood. If we have never experienced safety or predictability in our family systems or by other adults in our lives, these can be difficult to offer. With support from MFU staff, we believe parents can provide the connection and guidance needed for success. 

We partner with community resources to provide wrap-around care that supports family units, not just individuals. MFU invests in safe, stable, and resilient families and communities. We push for equitable opportunities in our communities. MFU is dedicated to ending cycles of child maltreatment. Specifically, ensuring that BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities receive equitable treatment, resources, and opportunities that enrich their family systems for generations to come.  

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